International Treaties

1.  The Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court

2.  UN Convention on the Rights of the Child 1990. 

Regional Treaties

1.  African Charter on Human and People’s Rights, 1981.                                          

2.  The Declaration of the Heads of States and Governments of the Member States of the International Conference on the Great Lakes on Sexual and Gender-based Violence, 2011.                                   /Munyonyo%20Declaration%20on%20SGBV%202011.pdf

3.  The Protocol on the Prevention and Suppression of Sexual Violence Against Women and Children, The International Conference on the Great Lakes Region, 2006.

Domestic Law

Reports of the United Nations​

1.  Conflict related Sexual Violence, Report of the United Nations Secretary-General, 2019.

Reports of other International/Regional Organisations / National Governments ​

1.  Human Rights Watch, They Were Man in Uniform, Sexual Violence against Women and Girls in Kenya’s 2017 Elections, 2017.

2. County Government Policy on Sexual and Gender Based Violence 2017, National Gender and Equality Commission.

3. Violence Against Children in Kenya Findings from a 2010 National Survey, Govt of Kenya, UNICEF

4. National Guidelines on Management of Sexual Violence in Kenya, Ministry of Health 3rd Edition, 2014

5. We Have a Broken Heart”: Sexual Violence against Refugees in Nairobi and Mombasa, Kenya – The Experiences of Congolese, Somali, and South Sudanese Men, Boys, and Trans Women, October 2019, Report from Women’s Refugee Commission, Reliefweb,  23 Oct 2019

6. Kenya Events of 2017, Human Rights Watch

Books/Articles /Documents/ Research Papers / Workshops / Publications ​

1. Myrum J., Ward J., Marsh M., Interagency GBV Assessment Report: A rapid assessment of gender-based violence during the post-election violence in Kenya, 2008.

4. Kevin Ongeti, Julius Ogeng’o, Christopher Were, Catherine Gakara, Anne Pulei, Pattern of gender based violence in Nairobi, Kenya, International Research on Medical Sciences Vol.1(3). 

5.  Ahlberg BM, Njoroge KM, ‘Not men enough to rule!’: politicization of ethnicities and forcible circumcision of Luo men during the post election violence in Kenya, Ethn Health, 2013.

7.  Jessica Auchter, Forced male circumcision: gender-based violence in Kenya, International Affairs, Volume 93, Issue 6, 1 November 2017. 

8.  Mark Lamont, Forced male circumcision and the politics of foreskin in Kenya, African Studies, 2018.

9.  Marleen Temmerman, Emilomo Ogbe, Griffins Manguro, Iqbal Khandwalla, Mary Thiongo, Kishor N. Mandaliya, Lou Dierick, Markus MacGill, Peter Gichangi, The gender-based violence and recovery centre at Coast Provincial General Hospital, Mombasa, Kenya: An integrated care model for survivors of sexual violence, 2019.

10. Jessica Auchter, The politics of sexual violence against men in Kenya: ‘How can we have a President who is not circumcised?’, International Affairs Blog, Nov. 27,2017

Website ​

1. Why attitudes towards sexual violence in Kenya need a major refresh, The Conversation, July 22, 2018

2. Jessica Auchter, The politics of sexual violence against men in Kenya: ‘How can we have a President who is not circumcised?’, International Affairs Blog, Nov. 27,2017

3.  Evaline Waweru, Sexual Violence in Kenya; The Conversation must not stop, Kenya National Commission on Human Rights.

4. Cynthis Khamala Wangamati, Gladys Yegon, Johanne Sundby & Ruth Jane Prince , Sexualized violence against children: a review of laws and policies in Kenya, Taylor @ Francis online 19 Mar 2019

5. Justice for Survivors of Post-Election Sexual Violence in Kenya, Physicians for Human Rights


1. Suffering in silence: No sympathy for battered men here, Daily Nation, Monday October 14, 2019